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Other Minds (based in San Francisco) welcomes you to radiOM[ray-dee-om].org — the website that brings you the sounds of revelationary new music and the voices of the revelationists themselves.

Our offerings include interviews with some of the most influential composers of our time including Lou Harrison, Brian Eno, John Cage, Laurie Anderson, György Ligeti, and Anthony Braxton.

We also offer concerts, sound poetry performances, lectures and documentaries in classical music, jazz, experimental music and other forms.

The material you will find here is gleaned from thousands of hours of audio recordings from KPFA-FM radio in Berkeley (1949-1995), and concerts and talks produced by Other Minds in San Francisco (1993-2005).

We urge you to search our site often as new programs are added each month. Use of this site is free, but for unlimited access to the material registration is required.

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Sample programs:

Other Minds Festival OM 22: Concert 1, Pacific Rim Centennials Uploaded: 3/23/2017
The 22nd Other Minds Festival was a special tribute to one of the most gifted and inspiring figures in the history of American classical music, Lou Harrison. In 2017 we celebrate his 100th birth anniversary with two very special concerts...
Other Minds Festival OM 22: Concert 2, Lou Harrison Gamelan Masterpieces Uploaded: 6/17/2017
The 22nd Other Minds Festival was a special tribute to one of the most gifted and inspiring figures in the history of American classical music, Lou Harrison. “Just 100: Hommage to Lou Harrison” celebrates his 100th birth anniversary...
Radiovisions #8, The New Consonance Uploaded: 05/28/2004 New Music
Starting in 1969, Charles Amirkhanian was the first radio producer to broadcast substantial quantities of music by first generation minimalist composers. His early interviews with Steve Reich, John Adams, Paul Dresher, Laurie Anderson, Lou...
The Nature of Music Polar Soundscapes with Cheryl Leonard Uploaded: 10/17/2016 Unconventional Instruments
The Nature of Music: Polar Soundscapes, featuring Cheryl E. Leonard with Phillip Greenlief. Wednesday, May 11, 2016 7:30pm. Goldman Theater, David Brower Center, Berkeley, CA . This is a 6 part program with 5 compositions by Leonard and a...
Other Minds Festival OM 21: Panel Discussion & Concert 1 Uploaded: 8/6/2016 New Music
Other Minds’ 21st Festival of New Music took place at San Francisco’s SFJAZZ Center over the course of two evenings and one afternoon during March 4-6, 2016. The three concerts featured works of ten American and international...
Holy, Holy, Holy: Antheil's Magic Lacunae Uploaded: 1/27/2009 New Music
20th Century Classical
On April 10, 1927, George Antheil's Ballet Mécanique, scored for multiple pianos and percussion (including airplane propellers and electric doorbells) was given its American premiere at Carnegie Hall. An exciting discovery by Mrs. George...
Speaking of Music Pauline Oliveros, Feb. 21, 1985 Uploaded: 09/02/2004 New Music
Charles Amirkhanian speaks with Pauline Oliveros about her musical works, her overall evolution as a composer, Deep Listening, her instrument the accordion, improvisation, collaboration, teaching, and more. The interview also includes...
The History of Sound Poetry: An Introduction Uploaded: 11/24/2003 Sound Poetry
Electro-Acoustic / Electronic
Charles Amirkhanian traces developments in 20th century text-sound composition, including recorded examples by such historical figures as Kurt Schwitters, Raoul Hausmann, Ernst Toch, Gertrude Stein, Mauricio Lemaitre, François Dufrene and...
World Ear Project Series 2, No. 1, Feb. 25, 1985 Uploaded: 9/11/2008 Soundscapes
Field Recordings
This program is the first in a new series of ambient field recordings from around the world. The original World Ear Project series was broadcast on KPFA in the early 1970s, as the portable cassette recorder first made such an ambitious...


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