A Concert by the San Francisco Conservatory New Music Ensemble (Oct. 17, 1969)

Item Type: Sound Recording Duration: 125 min
Event Type: Music Program Origin: KPFA

The San Francisco Conservatory New Music Ensemble performs a selection of works by 20th century composers, recorded at the De Young Museum in San Francisco on October 17, 1969. Included in the program is the United States premiere of “Tombola” by Arne Mellnäs, as well as the world premiere of “Sette Fogli” by Sylvano Bussotti. Also heard is “Three Preludes to Les Fils des Etoiles” a work for solo piano by Erik Satie, inspired by a Rosicrucian ritual; “Sapporo” by Toshi Ichiyanagi; “Music for Solo Performer” by Alvin Lucier, in which percussion music is produced by the electronically amplified alpha brain waves of the performer; “Nexus 16” for large ensemble by Loren Rush, making this a remarkably international concert of New Music. Charles Amirkhanian hosts the broadcast and provides relevant information about each work, including detailed descriptions of the visual aspects that were important to certain of the performances.

Part 1 of 2:  
Musical Selections:  Three Preludes to "Les Fils des Etoiles:” La Vocation ; L'Initiation ; L'Incantation, for solo piano (1891) (13:12) / Erik Satie -- Tombola, for piano four hands, horn, trombone, and guitar (1963) (6:45) / Arne Mellnäs [US premiere] -- Sapporo, for chamber ensemble (1962) (14:30) / Toshi Ichiyanagi
Performers:  San Francisco Conservatory New Music Ensemble
Robert Krupnick, piano (Three)
Joan Gallegos, piano (Tombola)
James Zimmerman, piano (Tombola)
Spencer Burleson, electric guitar (Tombola)
Richard Rondeau, horn (Tombola)
Johannes Mager, trombone (Tombola)
Diva Goodfriend-Koven (Sapporo)
Jordan Stenberg (Sapporo)
Peter Barshay (Sapporo)
Barbara Bogatin (Sapporo)
Lawrence Nobori (Sapporo)
Matthew Owens (Sapporo)
Douglas Blumenstock (Sapporo)
Ron Daniels, conductor (Sapporo)
Genres:  20th Century Classical; New Music
Subject:  19th century classical; 20th century classical; New music; Chamber music; Piano music; Quintets (Piano (4 hands), horn, trombone, guitar); Aleatory music
People:  Amirkhanian, Charles ; Satie, Erik, 1866-1925; Mellnäs, Arne; Ichiyanagi, Toshi, 1933-; Krupnick, Robert; Gallegos, Joan; Zimmerman, Jim (Percussionist); Burleson, Spencer; Rondeau, Richard; Mager, Johannes, trombonist; Goodfriend-Koven, Diva ; Stenberg, Jordan; Barshay, Peter ; Bogatin, Barbara ; Nobori, Larry; Blumenstock, Douglas; Owens, Matthew (Violoncellist); Daniels, Ron
Recording Date:  10/17/1969
First Broadcast Date:  4/20/1970
Part 2 of 2:  
Musical Selections:  Music for Solo Performer, for amplified brain waves, instruments, and electronics (1965) (10:08) / Alvin Lucier -- Sette Fogli (”Seven Pages”): Couple, for flute and piano ; Coeur, for percussion ; Per Tre Sul, for piano ; Lettura di Braibanti, for solo voice ; Mobile-Stabile, for voice, piano and guitar ; Manidfest per Kalinowski, for instrumental ensemble ; Sensitivo, for cello (1959) (34:00) / Sylvano Bussotti [world premiere] -- Nexus 16, for large ensemble (1964) (14:47) / Loren Rush
Performers:  San Francisco Conservatory New Music Ensemble
Ron Daniels, conductor
Jordan Stenberg, brain waves (Music)
Ivan Tcherepnin, electronics (Music)
Howard Hersch, electronics (Music)
Robert Krupnick, piano (Couple)
Diva Goodfriend-Koven, flute (Couple ; Nexus)
Howard Hersch, percussion (Coeur ; Nexus)
Robert Moran, piano (Per)
Sharon Hayes De Fremery, soprano (Lettura)
Spencer Burleson, guitar (Mobile)
Douglas Blumenstock, cello (Sensitivo ; Nexus)
Ronald Erickson, violin (Nexus)
Catherine Coats, violin (Nexus)
Patrick Kroboth, viola (Nexus)
Peter Barshay, double bass (Nexus)
Lawrence Nobori, clarinets (Nexus)
Alison Christensen (sp?), oboe, English horn (Nexus)
Gregory Barber, bassoon (Nexus)
Richard Rondeau, horn (Nexus)
Gregory Marciel, trumpet Nexus
Johannes Mager, trombone (Nexus)
Floyd Cooley, tuba (Nexus)
Fred Sharpe, piano, celesta (Nexus)
James Zimmerman, percussion (Nexus)
Genres:  20th Century Classical; New Music
Subject:  20th century classical; New music; Alpha rhythm; Percussion music; Electronic music; Aleatory music; Flute and piano music; Percussion music; Piano music; Songs, Unaccompanied; Songs with instrumental ensemble; Chamber orchestra music; Stringed instrument music; Instrumental ensembles
People:  Amirkhanian, Charles ; Lucier, Alvin; Bussotti, Sylvano; Rush, Loren, 1935-; Stenberg, Jordan; Tcherepnin, Ivan; Hersh, Howard; Krupnick, Robert; Goodfriend-Koven, Diva ; Moran, Robert, 1937-; De Fremery, Sharon Hayes; Burleson, Spencer; Blumenstock, Douglas; Erickson, Ronald; Coats, Catherine; Kroboth, Patrick; Barshay, Peter; Nobori, Larry; Barber, Gregory; Rondeau, Richard; Marciel, Gregory; Mager, Johannes, trombonist; Cooley, Floyd, 1948- ; Sharpe, Fred (Musician); Zimmerman, Jim (Percussionist); Daniels, Ron
Recording Date:  10/17/1969
First Broadcast Date:  4/20/1970


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