Morning Concert:
Guitarissimo, Part Two. Ensemble Music

Item Type: Sound Recording Duration: 118 min
Event Type: Interview and Music Program Origin: KPFA

From a program recorded on September 9, 1992, guitar virtuoso and professor, David Tanenbaum joins Charles Amirkhanian for a second program of contemporary guitar music, this time focusing on new works for guitar and instrumental ensemble. Works heard include two by Dutch composer, Chiel Meijering, performed by the Amsterdam Guitar Trio with additional help from violist, Esther Apituley. Also included in this program is a composition for guitar, oboe d’amore, and orchestra by Tōru Takemitsu, “Time Grids” for guitar and pre-recorded tape by Shirish Korde, and a couple of pieces by Hans Werner Henze, including an excerpt from his “El Cimarrón” which is based on the true tale of a runaway slave. In the second half of the program John Schneider plays a on a guitar that has been ingeniously tuned in just intonation so as to be able to present Lou Harrison’s “Serenade” for guitar and percussion; and guitarist Reinbert Evers is the soloist in the Russian composer Edisson Vasilʹevich Denisov’s “Guitar Concerto.” According to David Tanenbaum, this program featuring such an assortment of incredibly talented guitarists saves the very best for last, with the Sérgio and Odair Assad’s arrangement of Egberto Gismonti’s “Baião Malandro.”

Part 1 of 2:  
Musical Selections:  Are You Afraid Of The Dark?, Pt. I, for guitar trio (1980, rev. 1982) (3:20) / Chiel Meijering -- Vers, L’arc-en-Ciel, Palma, for guitar, oboe d’amore, and orchestra (1984) (14:31 / Tōru Takemitsu --Time Grids, for guitar and tape (1989) (12:41) / Shirish Korde -- Ode an Eine Äolsharfe, for guitar with instrumental ensemble (1985-86) (19:30) / Hans Werner Henze
Performers:  Amsterdam Guitar Trio: (Are)
Johan Dorrestein, guitar (Are)
Olga Franssen, guitar (Are)
Helenus de Rijke, guitar (Are)
John Williams, guitar (Vers)
Gareth Hulse, oboe d’amore (Vers)
London Sinfonietta (Vers)
Esa-Pekka Salonen, conductor (Vers)
Allan Neave, guitar (Time)
David Tanenbaum, guitar (An Eine)
Ensemble Modern (An Eine)
Hans Werner Henze, conductor (An Eine)
Genre:  20th Century Classical
Subject:  20th century classical; Plucked instrument trios (Guitars (3)) ; Oboe d’amore and guitar with orchestra; Electronic and guitar music; Guitar with instrumental ensemble
People:  Amirkhanian, Charles; Tanenbaum, David; Meijering, Chiel, 1954-; Takemitsu, Tōru; Korde, Shirish; Henze, Hans Werner, 1926-; Dorrestein, Johan; Franssen, Olga; Rijke, Helenus de; Williams, John, 1941-; Hulse, Gareth; Salonen, Esa-Pekka, 1958-; Neave, Allan
Recording Date:  9/8/1992
First Broadcast Date:  9/8/1992
Part 2 of 2:  
Musical Selections:  El Cimarrón: Die Frauen [text trans. by Hans Magnus Enzensberger, based on book by Miguel Barnet], for baritone, flute, guitar, and percussion (1969-70) (2:46) / Hans Werner Henze -- Serenade: Usul (Little Homage To Sinan), for just intonation guitar and percussion (1978) (2:54) / Lou Harrison -- Guitar Concerto (1991) (20:21) / Edisson Vasilʹevich Denisov -- No Rhyme No Reason: Part Two (Winds of Change), for guitar trio and viola (1987) (5:31) / Chiel Meijering -- Baião Malandro, for guitar duo (1978) (4:31) / Egberto Gismonti
Performers:  Reinbert Evers, guitar (Cimarrón ; Concerto)
Paul Yoder, baritone (Cimarrón)
Michael Faust, flute (Cimarrón)
Mircea Ardeleanu, percussion (Cimarrón)
John Schneider, guitar (Serenade)
Gene Strimling, percussion (Serenade)
Amsterdam Guitar Trio: (No)
Johan Dorrestein, guitar (No)
Olga Franssen, guitar (No)
Helenus de Rijke, guitar (No)
Esther Apituley, viola (No)
Sérgio Assad, guitar (Baião)
Odair Assad, guitar (Baião)
Genre:  20th Century Classical
Subject:  Montejo, Esteban, 1860-1973; 20th century classical; Songs (Medium voice) with instrumental ensemble.; Percussion and guitar music; Concertos (Guitar) ; Plucked instrument trios (Guitars (3)); Quartets (Guitars (3), viola); Guitar music (Guitars (2))
People:  Amirkhanian, Charles; Tanenbaum, David; Henze, Hans Werner, 1926-; Enzensberger, Hans Magnus ; Barnet, Miguel, 1940-; Harrison, Lou, 1917-2003; Denisov, Edisson Vasilʹevich, 1929-1996; Meijering, Chiel, 1954-; Gismonti, Egberto; Evers, Reinbert; Yoder, Paul (Baritone) ; Faust, Michael, 1959- ; Ardeleanu, Mircea ; Schneider, John; Strimling, Gene; Dorrestein, Johan; Franssen, Olga; Rijke, Helenus de; Apituley, Esther ; Assad, Sérgio ; Assad, Odair
Recording Date:  9/8/1992
First Broadcast Date:  9/8/1992


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