New Music America:
1981: Concert 4, (June 10, 1981)

Item Type: Sound Recording Duration: 96 min
Event Type: Music Program Origin: KPFA

In 1981 the New Music America Festival came to San Francisco for a week full of concerts, sound installations, and multi-media performances. The fourth concert of the Festival, held on June 10, 1981, included works by Laurie Spiegel, Peter Gena, and George Lewis, as well as a live improvisation by LaDonna Smith and Davey Williams, and two musical performance art pieces by conceptual artist Jim Pomeroy. The concert began with two works by Laurie Spiegel, identified in the program as “The Unquestioned Answer” and “A History of Music in One Movement,” which had been previously performed on the computer but were now arranged for solo performers of the harp and piano, respectively. These were followed by an unidentified computer music piece, presented by the composer herself. Violinist and violist LaDonna Smith and guitarist Davey Williams then presented two distinctly avant-garde improvisations. Jim Pomeroy then took the stage, as his alter-ego, B. Linds Naké, and presented two humorous parody’s of the New Music scene, the first “Flute Trio” featured Naké accompanying himself by playing synthesizers with his elbows, and then, dressed in an outlandish costume, he proceeded to “Hat Dance” in which he “played” his yellow plastic hat with a rattle on top, while bathed in striped light from a slide projector. After intermission the concert continued with Peter Gena’s composition, “Beethoven in SoHo” for two pianos and electric bass, before concluding with George Lewis’ work “Atlantic” for three trombones and electronics, that was highly evocative of the sound of fog horns.

Part 1 of 5:  
Musical Selections:  The Unquestioned Answer, for harp and computer graphics (1974, rev. 1981) (6:30) / Laurie Spiegel -- A History of Music in One Movement, for piano (1980) (7:38) / Laurie Spiegel -- [unidentified piece], for computer (7:13) / Laurie Spiegel
Performers:  Randy Wong, harp (Unquestioned)
Joseph Kubera, piano (Winter)
Laurie Spiegel, computer electronics (unidentified)
Genres:  New Music; Electro-Acoustic / Electronic
Subject:  New music; Electronic music; Mixed media (Music); Harp music; Piano music; Computer music
People:  Spiegel, Laurie, 1945-; Wong, Randy; Kubera, Joseph
Recording Date:  6/10/1981
First Broadcast Date:  6/10/1981
Part 2 of 5:  
Musical Selections:  [improvised music], for violin and/or viola, and guitar (12:28) / LaDonna Smith & Davey Williams -- [improvised music], for voice, violin and/or viola, and guitar (8:41) / LaDonna Smith & Davey Williams
Performers:  LaDonna Smith, violin and/or viola, voice
Davey Smith, guitar
Genres:  New Music; Free Improvisation
Subject:  New music; Improvisation (Music); Violin and guitar music; Viola and guitar music; Vocalises
People:  Smith, Ladonna; Williams, Davey
Recording Date:  6/10/1981
Part 3 of 5:  
Musical Selections:  Flute Trio, for flute and synthesizers (1981) (6:37) / Jim Pomeroy -- Hat Dance, for electric hat (1979) (4:53) / Jim Pomeroy
Performers:  B. Linds Naké (a.k.a Jim Pomeroy), flute, electronics, and electric hat
Genres:  New Music; Performance Art
Subject:  New music; Performance art; Mixed media (Music); Flute and electronic music; Electronic music
People:  Pomeroy, Jim, 1945-; Naké, B. Linds
Recording Date:  6/10/1981
First Broadcast Date:  6/10/0181
Part 4 of 5:  
Musical Selections:  Beethoven in SoHo, for two pianos and electric bass (1980) (14:20) / Peter Gena
Performers:  Peter Gena, piano
Joseph Kubera, piano
Mel Graves, electric bass
Genres:  20th Century Classical; New Music
Subject:  New music; 20th century classical; Trios (Pianos (2), guitar)
People:  Gena, Peter; Kubera, Joseph; Graves, Mel, 1946-
Recording Date:  6/10/1981
First Broadcast Date:  6/10/1981
Part 5 of 5:  
Musical Selections:  Atlantic, for 3 trombones and electronics (21:07) / George Lewis
Performers:  George Lewis, trombone
Stuart Dempster, trombone
Bruce Fowler, trombone
Cheryl Lewis, conductor
Genre:  New Music
Subject:  New music; Quartets (Trombones (3), electronics)
People:  Lewis, George, 1952-; Dempster, Stuart; Fowler, Bruce, 1947- ; Lewis, Cheryl
Recording Date:  6/10/1981
First Broadcast Date:  6/10/1981


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