New Music America:
1982, Program No. 2

Item Type: Sound Recording Duration: 178 min
Event Type: Interview and Music Program Origin: WFMT

Radio station WFMT in Chicago presents the second of six broadcasts from Navy Pier, as part of the fourth New Music America Festival. Charles Amirkhanian hosts, assisted by composer and vocalist, Joan La Barbara. The concert begins with a string quartet by John J. Becker, the first deceased composer to have their work performed at a New Music America Festival. This is followed by a work for solo cello by Joseph Paul Taylor and “Tableaux Vivants” a work for flutes and two voices, by Larry Austin. Other pieces heard in this concert is “Centering” by Ruth Anderson which use galvanic skin response sensors to trigger oscillators, and Glenn Branca’s very loud work for nine electric guitars and drums, “Indeterminate Activity of Resultant Masses “. The action then moves to Lake Michigan where a squadron of boats participate in Charlie Morrow’s environmental sound work “Toot ‘n’ Blink Chicago” by blowing their horns and flashing their lights in accordance with the instructions given over the radio. Intermission features include a profile of John J. Becker as well as a report by Neil Tesser about his work with Kirk Nurock’s Natural Sound Ensemble. This group traveled to the local Chicago Zoo to perform a number of pieces for both human and animal voices, music in the same tradition of Jim Nollman’s “Turkey Song”.

Part 1 of 3:  
Musical Selections:  Soundpiece No. 4, for string quartet (1937) (32:28) / John J. Becker -- Cello Sole 1979 (1979) (17:00) / Joseph Paul Taylor
Performers:  Cordier String Quartet: (Soundpiece)
Shem Guibbory, violin (Soundpiece)
Richard Rood, violin (Soundpiece)
Linda Alasco (sp?), viola (Soundpiece)
Jeanne LeBlanc, cello (Soundpiece)
Julie Green, cello (Cello Solo)
Genres:  New Music; 20th Century Classical
Subject:  New music; 20th century classical; String quartets; Cello music
People:  Amirkhanian, Charles; La Barbara, Joan, 1947-; Becker, John J.; Guibbory, Shem; Rood, Richard (Violinist); LeBlanc, Jeanne ; Taylor, Joseph Paul; Green, Julie (Violoncellist)
Recording Date:  7/7/1982
First Broadcast Date:  7/7/1982
Part 2 of 3:  
Musical Selections:  Tableaux Vivants (1973, rev. 1981) (10:30) / Larry Austin -- Missa Symphonica: Credo [excerpt] (1933) / John J. Becker -- The Abongo [excerpt] (1933) / John J. Becker -- Centering (1979) (18:30) / Ruth Anderson -- Zoo Piece, chorale for voices, sea lions, and human barks [excerpt] / Kirk Nurock -- A Rhythm Chant [excerpt] / Kirk Nurock
Performers:  Mark Graf (sp?), flute (Tableaux)
Dary John Mizelle, shakuhachi (Tableaux)
Phyllis Bruce, soprano (Tableaux)
David Barron, bass (Tableaux)
Greek Byzantine Choir (Missa)
Christos Vroinides, conductor
Judith Ragir, dancer (Centering)
Annea Lockwood, electronics (Centering)
Pauline Oliveros, electronics (Centering)
Julie Winter, electronics (Centering)
Gail Turner, electronics (Centering)
Natural Sound Ensemble (Zoo ; Rhythm)
Genres:  New Music; Electro-Acoustic / Electronic
Subject:  Becker, John J.; New music; Electro-acoustic; Electronic music; Mixed media (Music); Vocalises (Voices (2)) with instrumental ensemble; Masses (Men's voices), Unaccompanied; Ballets; Percussion ensembles; Human-animal communication; Animal sounds
People:  Amirkhanian, Charles; La Barbara, Joan, 1947-; Austin, Larry; Graf, Mark; Mizelle, Dary John, 1940-; Bruce, Phyllis; Barron, David (Baritone); Becker, John J.; Vroinides, Christos; Becker, Evelyn ; Wilding-White, Raymond, 1922-2001; Anderson, E. Ruth, 1928-; Ragir, Judith; Lockwood, Annea, 1939-; Oliveros, Pauline, 1932-2016; Winter, Julie; Turner, Gail; Tesser, Neil; Nurock, Kirk
Recording Date:  7/7/1982
First Broadcast Date:  7/7/1982
Part 3 of 3:  
Musical Selections:  Indeterminate Activity of Resultant Masses (1981) (30:00) / Glenn Branca -- Toot ‘n’ Blink Chicago (1982) (21:00) / Charlie Morrow
Genre:  New Music
Subject:  New music; Percussion and electric guitar music; Ambient sounds; Waterfront sounds; Foghorns
People:  Amirkhanian, Charles; La Barbara, Joan, 1947-; Branca, Glenn, 1948-; Morrow, Charlie; Herman, Edward
Recording Date:  7/7/1982
First Broadcast Date:  7/7/1982


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