New Music America:
1982, Program No. 4

Item Type: Sound Recording Duration: 180 min
Event Type: Interview and Music Program Origin: WFMT

Radio station WFMT in Chicago presents the fourth of six broadcasts from Navy Pier, as part of the fourth New Music America Festival. Charles Amirkhanian hosts, assisted by composer and vocalist, Joan La Barbara, with additional commentary by Neil Tesser. After beginning with a rendition of the “Star Spangled Banner” sung by various unidentified and not necessarily professional singers, the actual concert gets underway with Harold Budd performing a number of his works for solo piano. This is followed by two songs performed by a jazz trio led by Roscoe Mitchell on saxophone joined by tenor Tom Buckner. Other pieces heard include a tape piece by Annea Lockwood that features an interview she had with sculptor Walter Wincha, just days before his death, a work by Peter Gena inspired by two moons orbiting Saturn. Intermission features include a profile of Lockwood and an interview with Robert Ashley about his opera “Perfect Lives (Private Parts)”, and a look at the work of Richard Maxfield.

Part 1 of 3:  
Musical Selections:  Star Spangled Banner [excerpt] / Francis Scott Key -- [improvisation for solo piano] (22:24) / Harold Budd -- Sound [excerpt] (1966) / Roscoe Mitchell -- Variations on Sketches from Bamboo (ca. 1981) (8:30) / Roscoe Mitchell -- Prelude (ca. 1981) (6:42) / Roscoe Mitchell
Performers:  Roscoe Mitchell, tenor sax ; bass sax (Variations ; Prelude)
Gerald Oshita, Conn-o-sax ; contrabass sarrusaphone (Variations ; Prelude)
Thomas Buckner, voice (Variations ; Prelude)
Brian Smith, triple contrabass (Prelude)
Genres:  New Music; 20th Century Classical
Subject:  Mitchell, Roscoe, 1940-; New music; 20th century classical; Piano music; Jazz; Songs with instrumental ensemble
People:  Amirkhanian, Charles; La Barbara, Joan, 1947-; Key, Francis Scott, 1779-1843; Budd, Harold; Tesser, Neil; Mitchell, Roscoe, 1940-; Oshita, Gerald; Smith, Brian (Bassist); Buckner, Tom
Recording Date:  7/9/1982
First Broadcast Date:  7/9/1982
Part 2 of 3:  
Musical Selections:  Delta Run (1981) (25:09) / Annea Lockwood -- Glass Concert [excerpt] (1966) / Annea Lockwood -- Tiger Balm [excerpt] (1970) / Annea Lockwood -- Perfect Lives (Private Parts): The Backyard [excerpt] (ca. 1977-82) / Robert Ashley -- S-13, S-14 (1980) (6:51) / Peter Gena -- [excerpt of an unidentified song] / The Dancing Cigarettes -- In Praise of the Midland Sun [excerpt] / Ed Herman
Performers:  Mark Graf (sp?), flute
Monty Adams, flute, piccolo
Mary Beth Skaggs, clarinet
Gregory Barrett, clarinet
Jan Reimer (sp?), harp
Barbara Fackler, harp
Yvar Mikhashoff, piano
John Miller, electric bass
Genre:  New Music
Subject:  Lockwood, Annea, 1939-; Wincha, Walter; Ashley, Robert, 1930-; New music; Performance art; Monologues; Ambient sounds; Death; Octets (Clarinets (2), flutes (2), harps (2), piano, electric bass); Rock music
People:  Amirkhanian, Charles; La Barbara, Joan, 1947-; Lockwood, Annea, 1939-; Wincha, Walter; Ashley, Robert, 1930-; Gena, Peter; Graf, Mark; Adams, Monty; Skaggs, Mary Beth; Barrett, Gregory Michael; Reimer, Jan; Fackler, Barbara Ann; Miller, John (Bassist)
Recording Date:  7/9/1982
First Broadcast Date:  7/9/1982
Part 3 of 3:  
Musical Selections:  Theoretical Music: Hypothesis (1981) (20:38) / Jeffrey Lohn -- Theoretical Music: Refutation/Dirge (1981) (15:27) / Jeffrey Lohn -- Cough Music [excerpt] (1959) / Richard Maxfield
Performers:  Steven Antonelli, guitar
Rob Tomorrow, guitar
Rich Robinson (sp?), guitar
George Arevalo, guitar
Mark Steven Brooks, bass guitar
Anne DeMarinis, electric piano
Jeff Siegel, percussion
John Leland, percussion
Jeffrey Lohn, conductor
Genre:  New Music
Subject:  Maxfield, Richard, 1927-1969; New music; Octets (Electric guitars (4), Electric bass, electric piano, percussion (2)); Electronic music; Musique concrète; Music, concrete
People:  Amirkhanian, Charles; La Barbara, Joan, 1947-; Lohn, Jeffrey; Antonelli, Steven ; Arevalo, George; Tomorrow, Rob ; Brooks, Mark Steven; DeMarinis, Anne; Siegel, Jeff (Drummer); Maxfield, Richard, 1927-1969
Recording Date:  7/9/1982
First Broadcast Date:  7/9/1982


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