Ode To Gravity:
Für Augen und Ohren (”For Eyes and Ears”)

Item Type: Sound Recording Duration: 122 min
Event Type: Interview and Music Program Origin: KPFA

This program begins with excerpts from a 1980 recording titled “Word of Mouth” which features prepared talks by artists given on the island of Ponape in the Pacific Ocean. You will hear segments by Laurie Anderson, Joan Jonas, William T. Wiley, & John Cage. From Micronesia, host Charles Amirkhanian then takes us to West Berlin to participate in “Für Augen und Ohren”, a spectacular exhibition of mechanical and electronic music making devices dating from the past four centuries. Curated by René Block for the Akademie der Kuenste, the exhibition included seven large gallery halls of sound sculpture, early electronic devices of the 1930s and 1940s, and sound environments, many of which Amirkhanian recorded during a walking tour of the event. Hear the sounds of the installations and the visiting public, with pieces by Laurie Anderson, Dick Higgins, Allan Kaprow, Bernard Leitner, Oskar Sala, John Cage, Harry Partch, Luigi Russolo, Joe Jones, Milan Knizak, Stephan von Huene, David Tudor, and Harry Bertoia. Don’t miss Nam June Paik’s “Schallplatten Schaschlik” sculpture, the sounds of the 1930 trautonium, the glass harmonica, the 1790 vogelorgel, Erik Satie’s “Furniture Music”, and much more. (from KPFA Folio)

Part 1 of 2:  
Musical Selections:  [excerpt of talk] (1980) / Laurie Anderson -- [excerpt of poetry] (1980) / Joan Jonas -- [excerpt of talk] (1980) / William T. Wiley -- [excerpt of reading] / John Cage -- [unidentified sound sculpture] / François and Bernard Baschet -- Rosebud Annunciator [sound sculpture ] / Stephan von Huene -- [unidentified sound sculpture] / Stephan von Huene -- [sound installation] (1980) / Bernhard Leitner -- Mechanical Music No. 1 [sound installation] (1959) / Dick Higgins -- Concerto grosso for 12 radios and 4 televisions [excerpt of sound installation] / John Cage -- [sound installation] / Allan Kaprow -- [sample of the Hupfeld Symphony Jazz Orchestra] -- Rainforest (1973) / David Tudor
Genres:  Mechanical Music; Modern Art
Subject:  Akademie der Künste (Berlin, Germany); Art, Modern; Poetry -- Readings with music; Cut-ups (Literary form); Sound sculpture; Electronic music; Musique concrète; Music, concrete; Conceptual art; Fluxus (group of artists); Inter-media art; Aleatory music; Mechanical musical instruments; Mechanical musical instrument music
People:  Amirkhanian, Charles; Anderson, Laurie, 1947-; Jonas, Joan, 1936-; Wiley, William T., 1937-; Cage, John; Baschet, Bernard; Baschet, François, 1920-; Huene, Stephan von, 1932-; Leitner, Bernhard, 1938-; Higgins, Dick, 1938-; Kaprow, Allan
Recording Date:  5/19/1980
First Broadcast Date:  5/19/1980
Part 2 of 2:  
Musical Selections:  Faust Intermezzo Fox Trot [played on a Philip’s Violina Orchestron with Accordion] / Charles Gounod -- Love Waltz [played on a Philip’s Violina Orchestron with Accordion] -- [two sound sculptures] / Joe Jones -- Schallplatten Schaschlik [sound sculpture] / Nam June Paik -- The Hand Phone Table: When you were here [sound sculpture] / Laurie Anderson -- Interspersions, for 54 sounds [sound installation] / Takehisa Kosugi -- Kino (sp?) [sound installation] / Dieter Schnebel -- [Examples of reconstructed Intonarumori machines] / Luigi Russolo -- [sample of a Serinette Vogelorgel built around 1790] -- Destroyed Music [sound sculpture] / Milan Knížák -- [excerpt of a performance on the Trautonium] / Oskar Sala -- Electronic Impression No. 9 / Oskar Sala
Genres:  Mechanical Music; Modern Art
Subject:  Akademie der Künste (Berlin, Germany); Art, Modern; Inter-media art; Mechanical musical instruments; Mechanical musical instrument music; Sound sculpture; Vogelorgel; Fluxus (group of artists); Conceptual art; Trautonium
People:  Amirkhanian, Charles; Gounod, Charles, 1818-1893; Jones, Joe, 1934-; Paik, Nam June, 1932-2006; Anderson, Laurie, 1947-; Kosugi, Takehisa, 1938-; Schnebel, Dieter; Russolo, Luigi; Knížák, Milan; Sala, Oskar; Block, René
First Broadcast Date:  5/19/1980


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