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21. - Performer's Choice Program No. 5, Jan. 4, 1964 [5.052% Popularity: 0.00000]
Performer's Choice: Program No. 5, Jan. 4, 1964 Listen Item Type: Sound Recording Duration: 87 min Event Type: Music Program Origin: KPFA The fifth in KPFA’s Performer's Choice concert series, recorded in San Francisco, on January 4, 1964. The concert features works, several of which are first performances, by a selection of California based composers such as Peter Ford, John Chowning, Gordon Mumma, and Phil Winsor. Also included are more familiar works such as “Three Page Sonata,” for piano by the pioneering American composer Charles Ives, and the only work by a non-American composer, “Impromptu” by the Swede Folke Rabe. From 1963 to 1964 KPFA presented five such concerts featuring contemporary classical compositions, many by San Francisco based composers, including Lou Harrison, Pauline Oliveros, and Gordon Mumma, as well as works by more internationally known composers such as Karlheinz Stockhausen. The Performer’s Choice concert series served as the springboard for the careers of a number of the young Cal...
22. - Other Minds Festival OM 13: Panel Discussion & Concert 3 [5.030% Popularity: 0.00000]
Other Minds Festival: OM 13: Panel Discussion & Concert 3 Listen Item Type: Sound Recording Duration: 161 min Event Type: Lecture / Panel Discussion Program Origin: Other Minds Additional Media Files (click to view) Charles Amirkhanian moderates a panel discussion with the composers featured in the third concert of OM 13. Keeril Makan talks about the strategies he has employed to obtain a variety of timbres from a particular percussion instrument, such as placing cymbals upside down. He also discusses his noise piece “Static Rising”, and his affinity for the Finnish music scene. Dan Becker describes his work with the Disklavier and his composition “Revolution” which is scored for prepared Disklavier and a live pianist playing simultaneously on a single keyboard, accompanied by additional snippets from a speech by Martin Luther King Jr. Elena Kats-Chernin then talks about how she changes many of her pieces to create different versions that have slightly different tempos, instrumentation, key, etc... She also r...
23. - New music, composers, poetry, video and audio streaming [5.020% Popularity: 0.00000]
Radical Aesthetics and Sound Sensitivity Information Charles Amirkhanian, KPFA's Sound Sensitivity Information Director, has been invited to join the staff of radio station VPRO in Holland from September to January. Although VPRO is a government supported station, it is enthusiastic about the Pacifica stations and we have both felt the benefit of these exchanges. Most recently, KPFA was host to Philippe Scheltema who did the midday program Here's Philippe this past winter. It helps keep our flow of information and input of ideas fresh and flexible, covering broad areas of radio, politics, and of course radical aesthetics… In Europe, radio is still alive and kicking—a force for intelligent, in-depth analysis and debate, music and literature broadcasts of a sophisticated nature, and productions in all areas of programming which are carefully thought out and skillfully accomplished by audio technicians who are experts in making a point without the aid of a video screen. But in the United States, virtually every ...
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