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61. - Rex Radio The Music of Bill Horvitz [0.240% Popularity: 0.00000]
Rex Radio: The Music of Bill Horvitz Listen Item Type: Sound Recording Duration: 61 min Event Type: Interview and Music Program Origin: KPFA Phil Lesh and Gary Lambert present music from New York guitarist-composer Bill Horvitz. After a brief introduction a series of musical selections are heard including recordings of a jazz ensemble performing “The Mirrored Heart” and “The Way It Feels,” both recorded on December 5, 1986 at Roulette in New York City. Sandwiched in between these two ensemble performances are three compositions for solo electric guitar. The first, “Coyote Man in the Center of the Sun,” was commissioned for a celebration of the Summer Solstice, and was inspired by a Native American creation story. The second, “Archtypal Industry” is performed on a modified, or prepared, electric guitar capable of making sounds more reminiscent of bells than strings. The third solo piece incorporates a digitally looped guitar in the background as Horvitz utilizes a variety of kitchen utensils including a wire w...
62. - Ode To Gravity An Eclectic Mix of World, Word & Contemporary Classical Music [0.236% Popularity: 0.00000]
Ode To Gravity: An Eclectic Mix of World, Word & Contemporary Classical Music Listen Item Type: Sound Recording Duration: 60 min Event Type: Interview and Music Program Origin: KPFA From November 1992, Charles Amirkhanian introduces an elegant and eclectic mix of world, spoken word, and contemporary classical music. The program begins with the haunting vocals of Iranian-born Sussan Deyhim performing “Navai” a setting for Sufi poetry influenced by Persian classical and folk melodies. This is followed by an extended version of Glen Velez’s “White-Throated Sparrow” a work for percussion and bansuri flute. The next work is a collaboration between Gavin Bryars and Juan Muñoz in which the devious technique of dealing from the bottom of the deck is explained as the dulcet tones of a string quartet gently play in the background. Canadian-born sound poet Paul Dutton then shows just how many different sounds a human being can make without the aid of any instruments, in his thoroughly enjoyable “Beyond Doo-Wop or How I ...
63. - Ode To Gravity The Music of Claude Ballif [0.227% Popularity: 0.00000]
Ode To Gravity: The Music of Claude Ballif Listen Item Type: Sound Recording Duration: 92 min Event Type: Interview and Music Program Origin: KPFA Additional Media Files (click to view) French composer Claude Ballif is interviewed in his Paris home by Charles Amirkhanian (recorded on December 31,1973). Ballif writes music of enormous strength and clarity. Like his compatriot Messiaen, his music is the result of his deep involvement in Catholicism, a fact which he discusses in the interview. Little known in the United States at the time of this recording, Ballif had produced a highly original and very unified series of works dating back to the mid-1950s. He was a professor of music at the Reims Conservatory and the product of the exciting and turbulent post World War II years of the Western avant-garde which saw the rise of such musical metaphysicians as Pierre Boulez and Karlheinz Stockhausen. But Ballif’s vision was a wide one, and he has shown himself open to a variety of influences stemming from his contac...
64. - New Music America 1981: A Concert of New Gamelan Music [0.224% Popularity: 0.00000]
New Music America: 1981: A Concert of New Gamelan Music Listen Item Type: Sound Recording Duration: 68 min Event Type: Music Program Origin: KPFA Additional Media Files (click to view) From a recording made on June 13, 1981 in San Francisco, as part of the New Music America Festival, this is a concert of new gamelan music by Lou Harrison, K. R. T. Wasitodipuro, and others. Lou Harrison’s music is known for its original and sensitive use of percussion and employment of just intonation. It also is widely appreciated for its lyricism and assimilation of techniques from East and West, as is clearly evident in the pieces heard here that incorporate Western instruments such as the harp, flute and trumpet with the traditional gamelan. These works are performed on two sets of gamelan instruments designed and largely built by William Colvig. They are the Gamelan Si Betty, named for Betty Freeman who made possible its construction, and Gamelan Si Darius, named after composer Darius Milhaud. The clarity of the sound and...
65. - Six Modern Swedish Composers [0.217% Popularity: 0.00000]
Six Modern Swedish Composers Listen Item Type: Sound Recording Duration: 123 min Event Type: Music Program Origin: KPFA In a program that was probably first broadcast in 1969 or 1970, Bennett Tarshish presents the works of six 20th Century Swedish composers. The program begins with a piece of electronic music by Jan Morthenson, entitled “Neutron Star”. Next, is a work scored for soprano and chamber ensemble called “Landscape of Dreams” by Maurice Karkoff. This is followed by an electro-acoustic work by Jan Bark, called “Bar”, on which the composer plays all the instruments as well as providing all electronic manipulation. The program then continues with two works by Bengt Hambræus, first is “Fresque Sonore” for instrumental ensemble and electronic tape followed by an orchestral work entitled “Transfiguration”. Next is “Altisonans” by Karl Birger Blomdahl a musique concrète piece featuring bird songs, and finally the electronic work “1/1967: Nya släpkoppel med vida världen, besök, äventyr, lindringar, etc.’ by...
66. - Speaking of Music Tania León, 1985 [0.207% Popularity: 0.00000]
Speaking of Music: Tania León, 1985 Listen Item Type: Sound Recording Duration: 104 min Event Type: Interview and Music Program Origin: KPFA Recorded on September 19, 1985 as part of the San Francisco Exploratorium’s Speaking of Music series, the Cuban-born composer, Tania León, talks with Charles Amirkhanian before an enthusiastic audience at the McBean Theater in San Francisco, about her work as composer, conductor, concert producer, and arts activist. At 23, a graduate of the Havana Conservatory of Music, León moved to the United States where she was a co-founder of the Dance Theater of Harlem. She remained with the company until 1978 when she resigned to devote more time to composing. She has conducted orchestras in Germany, Italy, South Africa, The Netherlands, and New York, organized a number of concert series and festivals, taught at Harvard, Yale, and the University of Michigan, and is currently a Distinguished Professor at the City University of New York. In this program she introduces a number of he...
67. - Other Minds Festival OM 1: Panel on Intercultural Affairs (Nov. 6, 1993) [0.204% Popularity: 0.00000]
Other Minds Festival: OM 1: Panel on Intercultural Affairs (Nov. 6, 1993) Listen Item Type: Sound Recording Duration: 102 min Event Type: Lecture / Panel Discussion Program Origin: Other Minds This fascinating panel discussion focusing on world music was held on November 6, 1983 as part of the first Other Minds Festival of New Music (OM 1) at the Yerba Buena Center in San Francisco. Moderator Charles Amirkhanian is joined by Julia Wolfe, Jon Jang, Foday Musa Suso, Jai Uttal, and Tom Buckner. The event began with composer Julia Wolfe admitting to a love of Led Zeppelin and her amazement at the speed of African drumming, both of which have influenced her own work. San Francisco-based jazz pianist and composer Jon Jang talks about how both President Nixon’s trip to China and the West African musical influences found in many jazz recordings opened him up to world music. He then plays an excerpt from his Asian-themed composition “The Color of Reality.” Gambian kora master Foday Musa Suso then delights the audience...
68. - Voices: A Cantata by Hans Werner Henze [0.185% Popularity: 0.00000]
Voices: A Cantata by Hans Werner Henze Listen Item Type: Sound Recording Duration: 110 min Event Type: Music Program Origin: KPFA Hans Werner Henze’s full length cantata “Voices,” recorded live at the San Francisco Museum of Modern Art on January 24, 1978. This, the Bay Area premiere of the work features Claudia Cummings, soprano, John Duykers, tenor, and the San Francisco Contemporary Music Players conducted by Jean Louis LeRoux. According to the composer’s notes found in the concert program guide: “Except for ‘Prison Song,’ which was originally composed for Yamashta in 1971, these songs were written between January and June 1973...I had wanted to set some of the poems for many years, but it was only in 1973 that I felt the possibility of integrating them into a larger song cycle. The choice of the poems and the order in which they are arranged reflect my own personal political perspective and emotional involvement, and it is this perspective and these feelings which give the cycle its cohesion, rather than ...
69. - Ode To Gravity Composer William Hibbard [0.165% Popularity: 0.00000]
Ode To Gravity: Composer William Hibbard Listen Item Type: Sound Recording Duration: 137 min Event Type: Interview and Music Program Origin: KPFA Charles Amirkhanian interviews William Hibbard, Music Director of the Center of New Music at the University of Iowa, who was spending his summer in the Bay Area. A number of his pieces are played and the composer describes his affection for 12 tone music. Later in the program, Charles plays a number of works by composers also teaching at the University of Iowa. Part 1 of 2: Musical Selections: Menage (1974) -- Bass Trombone, Bass Clarinet, Harp (1973) -- Concerto for Viola and Orchestra (1977) -- Round One ... and Another One (April 2, 1978) Performers: Susan Mattson, soprano (Menage) Joseph Kozera, trumpet (Menage) William Hibbard, violin (Menage) Jon English, bass trombone (Bass) Charles West, bass clarinet (Bass) Motter Forman, harp (Bass) University of Iowa Symphony Orchestra (Concerto) James Dixon, conductor (Concerto) William Hibbard, viola (Concerto) Steven S...
70. - Improv:21 Passin’ Thru: An Informance with Oliver Lake [0.164% Popularity: 0.00000]
Improv:21: Passin’ Thru: An Informance with Oliver Lake View Item Type: Video Duration: 102 min Event Type: Interview and Music Program Origin: ROVA As part of the Improv:21 series sponsored by ROVA: Arts, Derk Richardson interviews jazz saxophonist, composer, painter, and poet, Oliver Lake. Lake provides a crash course is his personal history and the wide variety of groups that he has composed for, and/or played with. Lake has had an amazing career playing funk, jazz, and classical music, as well as writing and performing his own poetry and working with his Black Artist Group to produce pieces of musical theater. Here he plays excerpts of his works, be it with American Indian vocalist Mary Redhouse, the World Saxophone Quartet, the Flux String Quartet, the Oliver Lake Steel Quartet, the Oliver Lake Big Band, or any number of jazz groups. Lake also performs a number of sax solos live, as well as answers questions from the audience. Musical Selections: France Dance [excerpt] (ca. 1986) -- Owshet [excerpt] (ca....
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