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91. - Ode To Gravity Word-Tape Works and Music [5.080% Popularity: 0.00000]
Ode To Gravity: Word-Tape Works and Music Listen Item Type: Sound Recording Duration: 51 min Event Type: Music Program Origin: KPFA From 1970, a program of word-tape compositions by Steve Reich and Charles Amirkhanian. During the 1960s and 70s a number of composers and poets began to experiment with tape editing techniques to create text-sound compositions in which fragments of text were cut-up, repeated, or otherwise manipulated in order to create a new synthesis between speech and sound. A selection of these works of sound poetry are presented here. Also included in this program is a performance by the Incredible String Band, recorded at the Fillmore West and an orchestral work by Sir William Turner Walton. Musical Selections: Queen Juanita and her Fisherman Lover / Incredible String Band -- [unidentified piece] / Sir William Turner Walton Genres: Popular Music ; Orchestral Music Subject: Popular music ; Folk-rock music ; Orchestral music People: Williamson, Robin, 1943- ; Heron, Mike (Vocalist) ; Walton, W...
92. - Ode To Gravity The Public Imagination [5.080% Popularity: 0.00000]
Ode To Gravity: The Public Imagination Listen Item Type: Sound Recording Duration: 49 min Event Type: Interview Program Origin: KPFA Charles Amirkhanian interviews participants at an unusual visual arts conference held at DeBenneville Pines in the San Bernardino National Forest, in April of 1973. Those interviewed include Ken Friedman, director of the conference and a renowned visual artist; Barbara Haskell, curator of the Pasadena Art Museum, who talks about the role of women in the Arts; and Wayne Arneson, a Harvard Divinity School student who discusses the relationship between religion and art, as well as his idea for a school for people who want to live on other planets. The conference was held on April 6-8, 1973. Genre: Modern Art Subject: Marioni, Tom, 1937- ; Haskell, Barbara ; Friedman, Ken, 1949- ; Arneson, Wayne ; The Expanded Ear ; Conceptual art ; Art, Modern ; Women in art ; Art and religion People: Amirkhanian, Charles ; Haskell, Barbara ; Friedman, Ken, 1949- ; Arneson, Wayne First Broadcast Da...
93. - Ode To Gravity The Sound Poetry of Herman Damen [5.080% Popularity: 0.00000]
Ode To Gravity: The Sound Poetry of Herman Damen Listen Item Type: Sound Recording Duration: 53 min Event Type: Interview and Music Program Origin: KPFA Charles Amirkhanian introduces a program devoted to the experimental sound poetry of Herman Damen, author of “Langer Vers” (”Stays Fresh Longer”), and editor of “AH! Magazine”. Holland’s leading “verbosonic artist” or “language designer” was interviewed by Amirkhanian in Amsterdam on December 12, 1973, during which he discussed his artistic concepts, and introduced some of his text-sound pieces, most of which were commissioned by Ab van Eyck, the drama producer of the Dutch radio station NCRV. Damen, born in 1945, was also a member of the Poesia Visiva group of Italy. (from KPFA Folio) Musical Selections: Monologue Machine [excerpt] (ca. 1970) (5:48) -- Ritemcellage [excerpt] (1:42) -- Voices [a.k.a. “Cocon”] (8:56) -- Speaking Majority (1:43) -- Plastic-elastic (1970) (1:04) Genre: Sound Poetry Subject: Damen, Herman, 1945- ; Concrete poetry ; Sound poetry ;...
94. - Radio Event No. 14: Armenia Gardenia [5.080% Popularity: 0.00000]
Radio Event: No. 14: Armenia Gardenia Listen Item Type: Sound Recording Duration: 31 min Event Type: Inter-Media / Visual Arts Program Origin: KPFA Armenia Gardenia” by Charles Amirkhanian, was the 14th program in the groundbreaking Radio Event series, in which audience reactions were incorporated into a live KPFA radio broadcast. This work utilizes short pre-recorded sound events, such as snatches of music or talking, that were then played over the air interspersed with long periods of silence. Amirkhanian then waited for listeners to call into the station to inquire as to the nature of the broadcast in progress. These calls were recorded and then broadcast along with the rest of the sound events, leading to an, at time hilarious, interaction between the shows creators at KPFA and its intended audience. Ingenious and funny, this show is one of the better examples of the sort of genre defying programing that characterized KPFA. Genre: Interactive Art Subject: Participatory art ; Interactive art ; Audience par...
95. - World Ear Project Dinner Party on Bowen Island, B. C. [5.080% Popularity: 0.00000]
World Ear Project: Dinner Party on Bowen Island, B. C. Listen Item Type: Sound Recording Duration: 57 mins Event Type: Other Finds Program Origin: KPFA As part of KPFA’s World Ear Project, in which ambient field recordings from around the world were gathered for possible broadcast, this is a recording of a dinner party at the house of Paul and Ruth Ohannesian, on Bowen Island in British Columbia, Canada. The couple along with Paul’s brothers, John and David, are joined by David Friedman, Jennifer Smith, Charles Amirkhanian, and his wife Carol Law for dinner and conversation, all preserved for posterity in this ambient recording. Topics touched upon during the hour long meal include the recording equipment, which when monitored over headphones presents a delay effect that the children can be heard experimenting with, the meal itself, which included edible wild plants, and the quality of Canadian wine. Musical Selections: [dinner party, Bowen Island, B. C., August 6, 1970, 9:30-10:30pm] (57:29) / Charles Amirkh...
96. - An Interview with Ilhan Mimaroğlu of Finnadar Records [5.079% Popularity: 0.00000]
An Interview with Ilhan Mimaroğlu of Finnadar Records Listen Item Type: Sound Recording Duration: 23 min Event Type: Interview Charles Amirkhanian interviews Turkish born, Ilhan Mimaroğlu, about his company Finnadar Records. Mimaroğlu, a record producer and a composer in his own right, founded Finnadar in a partnership with Atlantic Records, in order to present avant-garde and new world music to the American audience, as well as a means to publish his own compositions. In this interview, recorded in October of 1975, Mimaroğlu discusses the challenges of recording and selling avant-garde and electro-acoustic music and talks about working with such composers as Eric Salzman and Pierre Boulez. Genres: Avant-Garde ; Electro-Acoustic / Electronic Subject: Mimaroğlu, İlhan K. (İlhan Kemaleddin), 1926- ; Dubuffet, Jean, 1901-1985 ; Salzman, Eric ; Boulez, Pierre, 1925- ; Finadar Records ; Atlantic Recording Corporation ; Sound recording industry ; Record companies ; Avant-garde (Music) ; Electro-acoustic ; El...
97. - John Cage Obituary [5.079% Popularity: 0.00000]
John Cage Obituary Listen Item Type: Sound Recording Duration: 7 min Event Type: Documentary Program Origin: C Amirkhanian John Cage's obituary on KFPA Radio by Charles Amirkhanian, August 12, 1992. The sudden death of John Cage as he approached his 80th birthday came as a shock to many. The day the message came to KPFA from Laura Kuhn, Cage's assistant, the KPFA News Department held time for this report that was completed by Amirkhanian minutes before it aired. Later the circumstances were explained by Ms. Kuhn who had left the composer's apartment in NYC and reminded Mr. Cage that he needed to complete his list of works for a publication deadline. Cage expressed his displeasure at the thought of having to do this. When Ms. Kuhn returned she found the composer had suffered a major stroke. She summoned an ambulance to take him to the nearest hospital. Returning to Cage's apartment, she went to his work table and, to her astonishment, found that Cage had completed the list. Genre: New Music Subject: Cage, John...
98. - Morning Concert The Words and Music of Anthony Gnazzo [5.079% Popularity: 0.00000]
Morning Concert: The Words and Music of Anthony Gnazzo Listen Item Type: Sound Recording Duration: 79 min Event Type: Interview and Music Program Origin: KPFA Additional Media Files (click to view) Composer Anthony Gnazzo introduces a number of his tape compositions, two of which were finished especially for this program. In addition Charles Amirkhanian plays his tape composition “Audience”, which incorporates ambient sound recordings made in the garage and stairwell of the Oakland Museum and at Marineworld/Africa USA, mixed with the sound of his kitchen milk steamer. When not listening to each others works the two just generally have fun in the KPFA studios. This is another funny and fantastic program by the dynamic duo of text-sound composition. Musical Selections: Old Standard [based on “That’s My Desire”] / Anthony Gnazzo -- The Art of Canning Music (1976) / Anthony Gnazzo -- Transit (1978) / Anthony Gnazzo -- Asparagus: Everybody likes it / Anthony Gnazzo -- Wed in an Aeroplane (1919) / Alma Ives -- Pun ...
99. - New Music America 1981: Concert 3, (June 9, 1981) [5.079% Popularity: 0.00000]
New Music America: 1981: Concert 3, (June 9, 1981) Listen Item Type: Sound Recording Duration: 22 min Event Type: Music Program Origin: KPFA Peter Garland's, “Matachin Dances” performed at New Music America 1981. Garland is perhaps best known as the editor of the journal "Soundings" which published the scores of many avant-garde composers. Garland's own music has been influenced by his interest in the music of Indonesia and Mexico. Musical Selections: Matachin Dances / Peter Garland Genre: 20th Century Classical Subject: 20th century classical ; World music ; Ethnic music ; Trios (Percussion, violins (2)) ; Folk dance music ; Rattle (Musical instrument) People: Amirkhanian, Charles ; Garland, Peter, 1952- Recording Date: 6/9/1981 Listen...
100. - Ode To Gravity Do Fraig Amors, etc... [5.079% Popularity: 0.00000]
Ode To Gravity: Do Fraig Amors, etc... Listen Item Type: Sound Recording Duration: 46 min Event Type: Music Program Origin: KPFA Another excellent example of an early Ode to Gravity program produced by Charles Amirkhanian. This time it is an interesting mix of music and spoken word, ranging from Medieval Germanic choral music, avant-garde orchestral works, American popular music from the 1920s or 1930s, canary’s chirping, spell casting, bowling advice, and other assorted sounds. Inventive, experimental, and always amusing this Ode to Gravity program really highlights the verbal and musical creativity of Amirkhanian and the artistic environment that was Berkeley California in the early 1970s. Musical Selections: Do Fraig Amors / Oswald von Wolkenstein -- [unidentified piece] / Carlos Surinach -- We can’t sleep in the movies, anymore -- Symphony No. 4 [excerpt] (1953) / Carlos Chávez -- [a mix of spoken word and music] (1970) Genres: Orchestral Music ; 20th Century Classical Subject: 20th century classical ; Ca...
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