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1. - Morning Concert Han Reiziger and Classical Dutch Music, 1978 [6.314% Popularity: 0.00000]
Morning Concert: Han Reiziger and Classical Dutch Music, 1978 Listen Item Type: Sound Recording Duration: 88 min Event Type: Interview and Music Program Origin: KPFA Charles Amirkhanian interviews Han Reiziger, Music Director of Radio VPRO in Holland, who produced a series of Morning Concerts for KPFA in 1974-75 during his four month long visit to the station as part of an exchange program. In this recording, made on August 11, 1978, Reiziger introduces recordings of Dutch music and comments on musical developments in Europe. Works heard include traditional classical compositions by an Jan Pieterszoon Sweelinck and Bernard Zweers, as well as more avant-garde jazz works by the group ICP-Tentet, among others. Part 1 of 2: Musical Selections: Ludwig's Blue Note / ICP-Tentet -- Aan Volk et Vaderland / Franz Nieuenhauser (sp?) -- Fantasia Chromatica / Jan Pieterszoon Sweelinck -- Harmonization on Psalm 65 / Franz Nieuenhauser (sp?) -- Dank Is Jij Betnen (”Thank the Lord”) / ICP-Tentet -- Symphony No. 3 “Aan mijn v...
2. - Other Minds Festival OM 16: Panel Discussion & Concert 2 [5.104% Popularity: 0.00000]
Other Minds Festival: OM 16: Panel Discussion & Concert 2 Listen Item Type: Sound Recording Duration: 125 min Event Type: Lecture and Panel Discussion Program Origin: Other Minds Additional Media Files (click to view) The second concert of the 16th Other Minds Festival of New Music (OM 16), held on March 4, 2011, began as usual, with an informative and entertaining panel discussion moderated by Charles Amirkhanian. Most of the concert’s featured composers and performers gathered on stage, including David A. Jaffe, Agata Zubel, I Wayan Balawan, and Han Bennink, as well as sound sculptor Trimpin. Jaffe describes how, with the assistance of Trimpin, he has utilized a three dimensional computer mouse as a controller for a variety of instruments created by Henry Brant, some of which were suspended from the ceiling. Zubel provides a brief introduction to her first experiment with pure, non-textual, vocalizing, as well as describing some of her other compositions for orchestra. Balawan, then talks about how he uses ...
3. - Henry Kaiser interviews Derek Bailey (Dec. 7, 1989) [5.087% Popularity: 0.00000]
Henry Kaiser interviews Derek Bailey (Dec. 7, 1989) Listen Item Type: Sound Recording Duration: 122 min Event Type: Interview and Music Program Origin: C Amirkhanian From a program recorded on December 7, 1989, Henry Kaiser interviews fellow avant-garde jazz guitarist Derek Bailey. Bailey is an English guitarist who started out as a rather conventional commercial session player, but in the early 1960s he met Gavin Bryars and other experimental avant-garde musicians and soon forged his own unique style of guitar playing. His distinctive playing typically features unusual notes and timbres, often in unique juxtaposition to each other, as well as different collections of intervals not normally emphasized by more mainstream musicians. Kaiser, a talented guitarist himself, interrogates Bailey about his various techniques, getting into the details of spacing, fingering, and the interplay between consciousness intention and free improvisation, posing the question; does one think what to play, or think about what you...
4. - Morning Concert Avant-Garde Music from the Netherlands [5.020% Popularity: 0.00000]
Morning Concert: Avant-Garde Music from the Netherlands Listen Item Type: Sound Recording Duration: 52 min Event Type: Interview and Music Program Origin: KPFA Han Reiziger joins Charles Amirkhanian in the KPFA studio to play selections of avant-garde music from the Netherlands. Like Charles, Han is a well known radio personality in the Netherlands, specializing in new and avant-garde music. Here he introduces American audiences to recent experimental works in jazz, classical, and electronic music, all by Dutch composers. The last three selections are mixed into a auditory montage in a style that Reiziger, who died in 2006, regularly employed on his own show on VPRO in the Netherlands. Musical Selections: Alexander's Marschbefehl / ICP-Tentet -- Steve’s Pipe (for Steve Lacy) / Michel Waisvisz -- Triste / Leo Cuypers -- Nieuw Werk, for bass clarinet & piano / Paul Termos -- Houdini [excerpt, text by Adrian Mitchell] (1977) / Peter Schat -- Hoketus [excerpt] (1975-77) / Louis Andriessen -- Crackle [excerpt] / M...
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