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1. - George Antheil Collection Two Odes of John Keats [6.299% Popularity: 0.00000]
George Antheil Collection: Two Odes of John Keats Listen Item Type: Sound Recording Duration: 10 min Event Type: Music Program Origin: Antheil Estate Additional Media Files (click to view) Recording of the world premiere of George Antheil's setting for two odes of John Keats. This performance, featuring Marvin Goldstein and Paul Scheerer, was recorded on Jan. 9 1953 under the sponsorship of Symphonus of Brooklyn College. Scored for reader and piano, these are settings for two of Keats best known poems, composed by Antheil in 1950, and reflecting his movement away from the radical experimentation of his youth towards a slightly more melodic musical expression. Musical Selections: Two Odes of John Keats: Ode to a Nightingale ; Ode on a Grecian Urn (1950) / George Antheil Performers: Marvin Z. Goldstein, speaker Paul Scheerer, piano Genres: 20th Century Classical ; Poetry Subject: 20th century classical ; Poetry -- Readings with music ; Piano music People: Antheil, George, 1900-1959 ; Keats, John, 1795-1821 ; Go...
2. - Morning Concert The Music of Tim Souster [5.075% Popularity: 0.00000]
Morning Concert: The Music of Tim Souster Listen Item Type: Sound Recording Duration: 90 min Event Type: Interview and Music Program Origin: KPFA English composer, Tim Souster, visited the San Francisco Bay Area in 1978 in order to produce a new composition at Stanford University’s internationally renowned computer music center, and during his stay happily agreed to be interviewed on KPFA. Charles Amirkhanian introduces Souster and his music during the course of a lively program, recorded at the Stanford Artificial Intelligence Center on October 3, 1978. “Driftwood Cortege” (1978), Souster’s computer piece, completed earlier that day, is premiered. Also heard are selections from Souster’s recorded works, including “Surfeit” (his homage to the Beach Boys) and “Spectral” ( a viola piece based on the sounds of the humpback whale). Souster also gives his rationale for having become interested in computer generated music after a long history of involvement primarily as an instrumental composer. (from KPFA Folio) P...
3. - Treasury of the 78's Music for Horn [5.060% Popularity: 0.00000]
Treasury of the 78's: Music for Horn Listen Item Type: Sound Recording Duration: 62 mins Event Type: Music Program Origin: KPFA From a program first broadcast on June 12, 1962, John Whiting presents some early 78 rpm recordings of music for horn, performed by Audbry Brain and his son Dennis Brain. The first selection heard is Johannes Brahms “Trio in E-Flat Major,” for piano, horn and violin. Long recognized as one of the finest classical chamber music recordings of the early 20th century this 1934 disc features the horn playing of Audbry Brain. Audbry was a member of a talented musical family that included his father and brother, both highly respected horn players in established English orchestras, and his two sons, Leonard, who bucked family tradition by becoming an oboists of fine repute, and perhaps the most talented of them all, Dennis, who continued the family custom of horn performance until his untimely death in an automobile accident at the age of 36. It is Dennis who is featured in the second musica...
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