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1. - Morning Concert Discussions with Paul Dresher, Gerald Oshita, and J.D. Parren [6.629% Popularity: 0.00000]
Morning Concert: Discussions with Paul Dresher, Gerald Oshita, and J.D. Parren Listen Item Type: Sound Recording Duration: 119 min Event Type: Interview and Music Program Origin: KPFA From a recording made in May of 1991, Charles Amirkhanian interviews Paul Dresher about his theatrical production, “Pioneer”, which "celebrates and exposes American explorers and the myths of the pioneering spirit." Several songs from the production are also heard. The two also discuss the difficulties in portraying offensive attitudes such as racial bigotry and the history of American colonialism. In the second half of the program is Charles and Paul are joined by Gerald Oshita and J.D. Parren. Topics include finding reeds for the sarrusaphone, incorporating computer music into their music, and their influences from Euro-pop to Japanese Butoh dancers. Part 1 of 2: Musical Selections: The untold story: The edge of sleep / Paul Dresher & Ned Rothenberg -- Big ole white boys / Terry Allen -- Cortez / Paul Dresher -- Columbus / Pau...
2. - New Music America 1982: Program No. 5 [5.074% Popularity: 0.00000]
New Music America: 1982: Program No. 5 Listen Item Type: Sound Recording Duration: 178 min Event Type: Interview and Music Radio station WFMT in Chicago presents the fifth of six broadcasts from Navy Pier, as part of the fourth New Music America Festival. Charles Amirkhanian hosts, assisted by composer and vocalist, Joan La Barbara. This concert features the “Clarinet Quartet” by Douglas Ewart, the world premiere of Christian Wolff’s “Preludes for Piano” and Phi Winsor’s “Same Tired Old Changes”, and a work for solo shakuhachi (Japanese flute) and tape by Dary John Mizelle. Also included is a performance by Peter Gordon and the Love of Life Orchestra. Intermission features include a profile of composer and pianist Leo Ornstein, a look at the Association for the Advancement of Creative Musicians, an interview with John Cage, and concludes with a profile on Conlon Nancarrow. Part 1 of 3: Musical Selections: Clarinet Quartet (23:08) / Douglas Ewart -- Preludes for Piano: 1-11 (1980-81) (31:50) / Christian Wolff ...
3. - Other Minds Festival OM 19: Panel Discussion and Concert 2 (Mar. 1, 2014) [4.911% Popularity: 0.00000]
Other Minds Festival: OM 19: Panel Discussion and Concert 2 (Mar. 1, 2014) Listen Item Type: Sound Recording Duration: 159 min Event Type: Lecture and Panel Discussion Program Origin: Other Minds The second, concluding, concert of the 19th Other Minds Festival of New Music (OM 19) was held on March 1, 2014 in the newly inaugurated SFJazz Center in San Francisco. The evening’s program included a mix of electronic, jazz, and piano music with a little bit of African parrots added for spice. The program begins with Charles Celeste Hutchins, a young, California-born, but now London based, composer and computer programer, who performs a computer music piece that relies on the composer drawing cloud shapes and then assigning sonic forms to them. John Schott then performs three recent compositions with his jazz group, The Actual Trio. Violinist and composer Wendy Reid then delights with a wonderfully inventive work that features what might have been the star performer of the night, Lulu, an African Grey Parrot and he...
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