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1. - Speaking of Music Shulamit Ran, 1983 [5.189% Popularity: 0.00000]
Speaking of Music: Shulamit Ran, 1983 Listen Item Type: Sound Recording Duration: 76 min Event Type: Interview and Music Program Origin: KPFA Shulamit Ran is an Israeli-American composer and long time member of the faculty at the University of Chicago. Her music’s expansive and dramatic nature make her a very interesting composer. In this program, recorded on December 1, 1983, as part of the San Francisco Exploratorium’s Speaking of Music series, Ran presents recordings of her “Apprehensions” a setting for a text by Sylvia Plath, and “Fanfare” for two multi-tracked sopranos. In addition clarinetist Laurel Hall and cellist Daniel Reiter perform a new work, “Private Game.” Before each piece Ran provides an explanation of her intent and then after hearing the music she goes into technical detail about how she composed the pieces. The host of this live event was Charles Amirkhanian, and it was produced for radio by Russ Jennings. (from KPFA Folio) Musical Selections: Apprehensions, for voice, clarinet, and piano ...
2. - Ode To Gravity The Music of Shulamit Ran [5.151% Popularity: 0.00000]
Ode To Gravity: The Music of Shulamit Ran Listen Item Type: Sound Recording Duration: 135 min Event Type: Interview and Music Program Origin: KPFA Charles Amirkhanian interviews the Israeli composer Shulamit Ran. Ran studied as a pianist and composer with Paul Ben-Haim from 1960 to 1963 and then at the Mannes College of Music in New York from 1963 to 1967 . This recording, which features a number of chamber works and art songs by Ran, was made on February 27, 1981 in Chicago, where Ran was then currently teaching at the University of Chicago. Part 1 of 2: Musical Selections: Apprehensions [text by Sylvia Plath] (1979) / Shulamit Ran -- Three Fantasy Pieces, for cello and piano (1972) / Shulamit Ran Performers: Judith Nicosia, soprano (Apprehensions) Laura Flax, clarinet (Apprehensions) Alan Feinberg, piano (Apprehensions) Barbara Hafner, cello (Fantasy) Lambert Orkis, piano (Fantasy) Genres: Chamber Music ; Art Songs Subject: Ran, Shulamit, 1949- ; Art songs ; Chamber music ; Songs (High voice) with instrumen...
3. - Ode To Gravity Interview with Ned Rorem, Nov. 16, 1987 [5.099% Popularity: 0.00000]
Ode To Gravity: Interview with Ned Rorem, Nov. 16, 1987 Listen Item Type: Sound Recording Duration: 62 min Event Type: Music and Interview Program Origin: KPFA Additional Media Files (click to view) Ned Rorem reflects on his work and on being an American composer in this Ode To Gravity program from November 16, 1987. Interviewers Charles Amirkhanian and LaFleur Paysour refer to Rorem's writings in “The Nantucket Diary” and “The Paris Diary” to illustrate various topics including the musical setting of poems, the decline of the art song, and gender and race politics in music. Rorem then offers his opinions on a number of 20th century poets and composers, and registers his distaste for "specialization" in American composition. Rorem also shares anecdotes about his creative process. Musical excerpts include "Spring and Fall", "Air Music", "The Lordly Hudson", and "We Never Said Farewell". Musical Selections: Spring and Fall (1946) [excerpt] -- Air Music [1st and 2nd variations] -- The Lordly Hudson (1947) -- We ...
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