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1. - A Visit With John Zorn [6.648% Popularity: 0.00000]
A Visit With John Zorn Listen Item Type: Sound Recording Duration: 68 min Event Type: Interview and Music Program Origin: KPFA John Zorn and Larry Ochs join Charles Amirkhanian to discuss and play a selection of Zorn’s compositions. Among the pieces heard is an excerpt from “Spillane” in which Zorn tries to capture some of the film noir sensibility that imbues the Mickey Spillane novels and the gritty New York City in which they are based, and which Zorn calls home. This is followed by a couple of excerpts from Zorn’s collaborative improvisational work “Cobra” for which he created a number of general rules which are then used by a group of talented musicians to create an ever changing kaleidoscope of sound events. Also included in this program is a portion of “Hu-Die”, a piece named for and inspired by the great Cantonese actress from the 1930s, as well as a recording of the well-known tabla player, Zakir Hussain. Musical Selections: Cobra [excerpt] (1:45) -- Spillane [excerpt] (6:30) -- Cobra: Adagio Maestos...
2. - Improv:21 = Q + A: An Informance with John Zorn [6.632% Popularity: 0.00000]
Improv:21: = Q + A: An Informance with John Zorn View Item Type: Video Duration: 80 min Event Type: Interview and Music Program Origin: ROVA Taking questions directly from the audience and extrapolating from there, composer, saxophonist, Tzadik record label owner, and MacArthur Fellow John Zorn, talks about his work and the avant-garde music scene as he sees it. Joined by moderator Larry Ochs of the ROVA Saxophone Quartet and percussionist William Winant, Zorn discusses a number of topics including the use of texts in musical compositions; the influence of Judaism on his music; the process of composing 300 tunes in a matter of months; working within and for a community of composers and performers; the traditional packaging of music versus downloads; and Zorn’s early foray into performance art with his Theater of Musical Optics. Never one to be shy about his opinions Zorn is in a typical feisty mood during this engaging give and take with the audience. Genres: Free Improvisation ; Avant-Garde Subject: Zorn, Jo...
3. - Soundspot: Music in the Eighties [5.073% Popularity: 0.00000]
Soundspot: Music in the Eighties Listen Item Type: Sound Recording Duration: 70 min Event Type: Music Program Origin: NPR A collection of short (2 minutes or less) pieces of music highlighting avant-garde composers working in the 1980s. While most of these are pieces of electronic music there are also examples of sound poetry, instrumental improvisations, vocalises, electro-acoustic, and musique concrète. These vignettes of experimental music composed in the early 1980s provide a fascinating snapshot of the avant-garde scene at that time. Soundspot was produced by David Moss for National Public Radio. Musical Selections: Living in the Eighties / David Moss -- PK & SLS / Phillip Niblock -- I am not singing you are here / Jill Crossen -- [unidentified piece ] / Richard Lerman -- Sprong / David Van Tiegham -- Skies / Laurie Spiegel -- Radii (1970-72) / Charles Amirkhanian -- It's In Them, And It's Just Got To Come Out / John Driscoll -- Identification / David Moss -- Sounds Pot / Carl Stone -- [unidentified piec...
4. - Other Minds Festival OM 4: Concert 3 [0.056% Popularity: 0.00000]
Other Minds Festival: OM 4: Concert 3 Listen Item Type: Sound Recording Duration: 67 min Event Type: Music Program Origin: Other Minds Other Minds, Inc., in association with the Djerassi Resident Artists Program, and with the In Performance Series at the Cowell Theater in Fort Mason Center, presented Other Minds Festival IV at the Cowell Theater, at Fort Mason Center in San Francisco, November 10-12, 1997. The third concert of the 4th Other Minds was held on November 12, 1997, and was preceded by a panel discussion, “Where Is Our Voice Now?”. The participating composers in the discussion included Carl Stone, Mamoru Fujieda, Paul Dresher, Donald Swearingen, Pamela Z, and video artists Visual Brains. The evening’s concert featured works by Stone, Dresher and Fujieda. Program: Paul Dresher: RetroDisrespective (1997 - work-in-progress) (United States Premiere) As is typical of all my solo works where I perform in interaction with live electronics, “RetroDisrespective” has a structure in which I determine a sequen...
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