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1. - Morning Concert The Music of David Jaffe [7.029% Popularity: 0.00000]
Morning Concert: The Music of David Jaffe Listen Item Type: Sound ... Origin: KPFA Composer-performer David Jaffe has bridged the gap between ... world of cerebral computer music with a multi-stylistic approach. A lecturer ... in Music and Acoustics (CCRMA), Jaffe also worked with neXt Computers on ... career. Also heard in this program is a recording by a 19th century equivalent of Jaffe, the Norwegian composer Edvard Grieg. ... for string quartet and tape (1984) / David Jaffe -- [sample of winter wrens] ... for chorus and computer (1986) / David Jaffe -- Bird Seasons (1984) / David Jaffe -- Ellis Island Sonata: Ghosts ... [2nd movement of the sonata] (1986) / David Jaffe -- Grass Valley Fire, for mandolin quartet (1989) / David Jaffe -- Slåtter: Norwegian Peasant ... Animals) Alea II (Bird Seasons) David Jaffe, mandolin (Ellis Island ... Genre: 20th Century Classical Subject: Jaffe, David A. (David Aaron), 1955- ; ...
2. - Silicon Valley Breakdown by David A. Jaffe [6.758% Popularity: 0.00000]
Silicon Valley Breakdown by David A. Jaffe Listen Item Type: Sound ... Event Type: Music Program Origin: KPFA David A. Jaffe is an American composer who has written extensively for a wide variety of ensembles, yet is ... which is featured in this recording. Jaffe, a skilled multi-instrumentalist who began his career as a member of various bluegrass, folk, and ... “’Silicon Valley Breakdown’ is a spatial multi-stylistic work scored for a symphony of imaginary plucked stringed instruments. These range from a tiny ‘piccolo mandolin’ to an immense ... are entirely synthetic, many based on a string model originated by Alex Strong ... Smith. The technique is described in Jaffe’s article ‘Extensions to the ... elements of ‘bluegrass music,’ a folk music which originated in the ... pre-planned behavior. In this manner, a kind of super responsive ... nevertheless, remains faithful to a pre-composed plan, is created.” ...
3. - Three Early Compositions by David A. Jaffe [5.023% Popularity: 0.00000]
Three Early Compositions by David A. Jaffe Listen Item Type: Sound ... KPFA Three fairly early works by David A. Jaffe. In the words of the ... the banjo (e.g. in order to play a scale it is necessary to alternate ... “’Sunday at Bean Blossom’ is a rather abstracted depiction of a day at a bluegrass festival, from the gospel ... with the distant cacophony of a hundred different groups of musicians ... as was the case with ‘City Life,’ is a very much ‘about’ orchestration, that ... mandolin ; violin (City ; Sunday) David A. Jaffe, banjo ; violin, mandolin ... (City) Amy Snyder, conductor (City) David Starobin, guitar (Sunday) Rich Sachs, ... ; Chamber orchestra music People: Jaffe, David A. (David Aaron), 1955- ; ... Genevieve ; Snyder, Amy ; Starobin, David ; Sachs, Rich ; Finckel, Marianne ; ...
4. - A Concert by the Mostly Modern Chamber Players, 1983 [4.901% Popularity: 0.00000]
A Concert by the Mostly Modern Chamber ... 70 min Event Type: Music From a concert recorded in 1983, Laurie K. ... the Mostly Modern Chamber Players in a performance of works for chamber ... by Charles Ives, Morton Feldman, David Jaffe, Laurie Spiegel, and Teo ... and orchestra (1983) (22:13) / David Jaffe Performers: Mostly Modern ... with chamber orchestra People: Jaffe, David A. (David Aaron), 1955- ; ...
5. - Other Minds Festival OM 20: Panel Discussion & Concert 1 [4.703% Popularity: 0.00000]
... for these gatherings, it seemed a good time to tip our hat to some of ... and our American steel guitar soloist David Tanenbaum, and will be reprised on our opening night.” Other Minds offered a hearty welcome back to Don Byron (OM ... (OM 11), Pauline Oliveros (OM 8), David Tanenbaum (OM 8 & 12), Maja S.K. ... 6, 2015, Charles Amirkhanian leads a panel discussion with the first ... by their collaborator Kathy Hinde, and David Tanenbaum. Aside from discussing their ... Chand (2001"02) Our soloist, guitarist David Tanenbaum, writes: “Lou Harrison’s ... with the guitar began in 1952 with a little piece in a letter to a ... After 1978 there was nothing, although a small army of guitarists approached ... The more I personally asked him for a piece, the grumpier he seemed to get, and after I directed a five day 80th birthday celebration of ... inform me that I would be premiering a brand new guitar piece that he had ...
6. - Other Minds Festival OM 16: Panel Discussion & Concert 2 [0.311% Popularity: 0.00000]
... gathered on stage, including David A. Jaffe, Agata Zubel, I Wayan ... as well as sound sculptor Trimpin. Jaffe describes how, with the assistance of Trimpin, he has utilized a three dimensional computer mouse as a controller for a variety of ... from the ceiling. Zubel provides a brief introduction to her first ... fingers. And finally Bennink, offers a humorous introduction to his musical family’s legacy, as well as a brief history of the Instant Composers ... bells, pianos and chimes. The piece is a memorial tribute to spatial music ... Music, after pitch, time and timbre. -David A. Jaffe Music by I Wayan Balawan ... and technology enhancement (he employs a guitar synthesizer and a rack of ... vision to fuse disparate styles into a contemporary synthesis. " from "Music ... I Wayan Balawan" by Professor David Harnish, Bowling Green State ... Parlando The composition makes use of a wide range of sonoristic possibilities ...
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